Fan Series Truck Show
Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re NEW to the Fan Series Truck Show, WELCOME ABOARD!

Chances are you have a bunch of questions kicking around in your head that need answers. And we’re here to help – because we want your FIRST….no EVERY experience with us to be fun and rewarding!
That being said, here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about the Truck Show, but if we still haven’t answered your question, feel free to contact Lane – his information’s at the bottom of this page.

1. Is the Fan Series Truck Show one of those high-end Pride & Polish Shows?

Nope, we’re more of a “Wash N Show” style truck show where working truckers out there just happen to be very PROUD of their working rigs! SO proud, in fact, they’re just itching to show off their truck to Bandit race fans. If this describes YOU and you happen to like polished chrome, bright colors, cool lights and unique designs, and think race fans would like to check out YOUR rig, then be sure to click on the “Register Your Truck” tab and complete the information to participate. We’re ALL ABOUT promoting the trucking industry to the next generation of drivers.

2. Can you participate in the Fan Series Truck Show AND attend Bandit races?

NEW for the 2019 Fan Series Truck Show! YOU Decide How To Participate….

● Truck Show Registration Only – Just want to show-off your truck on race day? Sounds good to us, come on out!
● Truck Show Registration – Judged – Think you’re truck’s a cut above the rest? Well then come on out and we’ll let the Bandit fans decide – after all, they’ll be voting!
● Truck Show Registration – Judged – With ONE Bandit Ticket – Ok, so you want your truck to be judged, but also want to take in all the action at the Bandit race – well, here’s your chance!
● Truck Show Registration – Judged – With TWO Bandit Tickets – Looks like you’re ALL IN for the next Bandit race! We’ll judge your show truck AND throw in TWO Bandit race tickets for a really sweet deal!
IMPORTANT: Registration for the Fan Series Truck Show DOES NOT include access into Bandit Big Rig Race Series races – tickets must be purchased separately for Bandit races at or click the “Register Your Truck” tab here on the website.

3. If my truck is judged during the Fan Series Truck Show, do I have a chance to win anything?

You bet! If you register your truck to be judged by Bandit race fans and you WIN, you’ll be a Bandit Series pace truck for the Feature race that night! Pretty cool, huh?

4. How do I register for the Fan Series Truck Show?

You MUST register online to participate. And the best and easiest way to do that is simply click on the “Register Your Truck” tab here on the website – just select the show you want and follow the prompts. Once registered, you’ll get a confirmation email, it’s THAT easy!

5. Can I bring more than one truck to the Fan Series Truck Show?

Absolutely! During the registration process, simply indicate the number of trucks you’ll be bringing and include information for each. Since space is limited at The Truck Show, spaces will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. What types of trucks are eligible for the Fan Series Truck Show?

Since this is a working class truck show, all makes, models, years and types are welcome as long as they are commercial class 7 or 8 trucks.

7. What time should I arrive at the track with my truck, and where do I go?

The Fan Series Truck Show takes place prior to each Bandit race between roughly the hours of 11:00am and 6:00pm each race day – or until the green flag drops for the first Bandit race! Times subject to change.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive at the track NO EARLIER than 10:00am and NO LATER than 10:30am on race days for staging.
The Fan Series Truck Show is staged in designated areas, on-site, at Bandit Series race tracks (see schedule for upcoming locations). There will be signage posted on-site and A Truck Show representative will direct you to your assigned display space.

IMPORTANT: Upon arrival at the track, please present a printed copy of your Truck Show registration receipt OR mobile / electronic receipt as you enter the Fan Series Truck Show area. Since space is limited, show trucks will be displayed on a first-come, first-served basis – or until all Fan Series Truck Show spaces are filled.

8. Can I set-up a display table or tent next to my truck during the show?

No. Assigned display / exhibit spaces can be purchased through show management. If you’re interested in participating as an exhibitor during the Fan Series Truck Show, be sure to click on the “Become A Sponsor” tab to learn more. Sponsorships include exhibit spaces plus a number of other premiere marketing opportunities!

9. Can I display a trailer at The Fan Series Truck Show?

IMPORTANT: If you plan to bring a trailer (because you think it’s as cool as your truck), please reach out to Lane Bartram at (913) 634-8791 or for prior approval as space is limited!

Last, but NOT least, we want you to have FUN! Show off your truck, have fun with your friends and help us promote trucking to the next generation of drivers. Our hats are off to YOU every day!

More Questions? Please Contact:
Lane Bartram
Cell: 913-634-8791